Thank you so very much for your grant for the D Co. 223 MI BN & D Co. 223 MI BN FRG for our June Homecoming Event. It was wonderful welcoming our deployed home, and you helped make the crafts, decor, and festivities possible. Guard Support makes these events possible by your support.
— Kelly A. Durkee-Erwin, Treasurer, D Co. 223 MI B FRG

Thank you to Guard Support for your assistance with our ongoing projects while our deployed soldiers are away! This money assisted us in our deployment send-off activities and ceremony. We could not have successfully implemented these projects without your support.
— Mary Anne Durkee, Chair, D Co. 223 MI BN FRG

I would like to thank Guard Support for helping the 182nd Eng Sappers, Det 1 FRG get started! We are a brand new FRG and without this support we would not have been able to do as many wonderful fundraisers for our FRG.
— Christine Dwyer, Chairperson, Det 1, 182nd ENG Sappers FRG

Thank you so much for the financial assistance via the Guard Support grant I was recently approved for. I could not believe how kind and helpful everyone was in the application process and how quickly I heard results. Having financial troubles is most stressful - especially for military families who have additional stressors that civilian families may not understand. My family and I are beyond grateful with the grant assistance and all of the help provided by Guard Support, thanks so much.
— Sergeant Sara Cadden

I would like to say thank you so much for everything you have done for me to receive this grant. It has been more than helpful at this time with finances. Thank you for everything you do and keep up the good work. There are a lot of soldiers that highly appreciate everything you do for us.
— Anonymous National Guardsman

Our unit deployed last year. Thanks to Guard Support, we were able to produce D Co. 1-182nd INF t-shirts for our families. We couldn’t have done it without the financial support provided to us by Guard Support. We can’t say enough about the thrill and pride of every family member who wears their shirt, as they help us show us how proud we are to be connected with our soldiers, our heroes! Thank you Guard Support!!!
— Bethany Pinard, Co-chair, D Co. 1-182nd Infantry FRG

On behalf of the FRG, the soldiers and the families of the D Co. 223 Military Intelligence FRG, thank you for the Guard Support Start-up FRG Grant. You are a great help!
— Kelly Durkee-Erwin, Treasurer, D Co. 223 MI FRG

Monthly FRG meetings, adult and youth activities and administrative costs all require funding beginning with the pre-deployment phase of a National Guard unit--months before an FRG is really ready to stand up and function independently. The grant from Guard Support allowed us to get our FRG up and running, and provided the funds we needed to seed a very successful t-shirt fundraiser at the very beginning of our deployment. Without the grant from Guard Support, our key volunteer group would be paying out-of-pocket and we would still be struggling to build up a little cushion to fund any activities. It is such a relief as a chairperson to not have to worry about where the money is going to come from for things such as coffee, snacks, craft supplies and postage! Guard Support is truly a wonderful asset to the Family Readiness Group and Family Programs!
— Kathy Keller, 182nd EN CO FRG Chairperson, Newburyport, MA

Thank you for the support of our unit - 212th Engineering Installation Squadron located in Milford, MA. Your financial assistance helps sustain and support our Family Readiness Program. Without your critical funding over this past year we would not have been able to start our FRG off with such a great beginning or do many of the things this year that we were able to do for our 212 EIS family members. Currently we have more than 40 members who are leading a mission overseas for the Air Force in South Asia. Your assistance was important in many of our unit’s FRG events, such as the annual summer barbeque and the unit holiday party. The grant funding was also used for packages sent to troops overseas and other family readiness functions, as well as for items to support families back home such as flowers for new mothers. Once again, thank you for your support and assistance.
— Lieutenant Colonel Scott A. Dumford, Commander, 212th EIS

I would like to thank Guard Support for the FRG grants awarded to C Co. 1/182 Infantry FRG during our current deployment. These grants gave us a jump start. We have had a successful year because of this. Thank you very much for being there to help - your support makes all the difference
— Laura Erickson, Chair, C Co. 1/182 Infantry Family Readiness Group

Dear Guard Support - thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas gifts and the holiday food basket that you sent to my two children and I. My children will be so excited and happy with the gifts they will be getting on Christmas morning. It makes me so happy that my children will have some gifts to open. Receiving these gifts made my first month without my husband much easier and less stressful. Also, the food basket and grocery gift card have taken a load off of my mind. I can’t thank you enough. I can’t wait to see my children’s eyes light up on Christmas morning when they open their gifts. Thank you again so much! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday
— The Richards Family

I want to thank Guard Support for all that you have done to assist me and my children with an emergency relief grant, gift cards, holiday food baskets and so much more. Since I have been home from Iraq (November 2009) I have been through five surgeries and have at least one more up and coming. I have struggled financially, physically and mentally with all that I have been through. I know that if it wasn't for Guard Support assisting me in this time of need, I'm not sure where I would be or if I would even be. I thank you with all my heart for taking the time to give me and my boys a breath of fresh air to get through this Christmas. I encourage all those brave men and woman who are struggling such as I have to reach out for assistance. I once felt ashamed, I often thought I don't need handouts or charity — I can do this on my own — ya well I was wrong. I have not been able to return to work of any sort and have since been discharged from the Military. I'm on social security but still waiting to receive my disability check. This is not the course I wanted before reaching the age of 51. I have gone without a paycheck since July 2011. If you find yourself in desperate times with no income such as I, just remember that Guard Support is always someone there to help. Life is precious, so matter what has happened in your life keep the faith because God will always provide for you as he has for me. Guard Support is my Angel and will forever be remembered. A soldier, a warrior and a believer,
— Anonymous National Guardsman

The D Co. 223 MI Family Readiness Group, our soldiers, and families would like to sincerely thank Guard Support for your generous Guard Support Start-up FRG Grant. The money was used to help defray costs for our December 4th Family Holiday party. It was an amazing event and fun was had by all!
— Mary Anne Durkee, Chair, D Co. 223 MI Family Readiness Group

Thank you Guard Support! I really appreciate all your efforts to support Soldiers and their families.
— Major Grant Kakazu, Company Commander, D Co. 223 MI

Thank you for the grants awarded to the 26th Signal Co. FRG. Your grants have enabled us to host family events, fund in-part the unit’s Homecoming Ceremony event and to purchase an item that we use to raise additional funds for the Family Readiness Group. We greatly appreciate it.
— Kimberly Smith, Chair, 26th Signal Co. Family Readiness Group

I want to extend my deepest thanks and gratitude to Guard Support for the assistance we have received. The challenges we have faced this year have been devastating, so your help, and the help of all of your supporters means so much to us. Thank you for all you do for the Airmen and Soldiers of the Massachusetts National Guard.
— MSGt Robert Edgren

Thank you Guard Support for everything that you do for our Soldiers and their families. I want to extend a very sincere thank you on behalf of the 110th Support Maintenance Company for the generous FRG grant you have provided our family support group. Your continued support of our Soldiers has played a vital role in keeping their morale at its highest possible level.
— Captain Molly K. Alesch, Commander, 110th Support Maintenance Co.

Thank you very much Guard Support! Your grant for an air fare subsidy has really eased the stress of this deployment.
— Erica and Joseph Marangiello

On behalf of the 387th Ordinance Co Family Readiness Group I want to express our thanks for the generous $500 grant we received. All of your hard work at Guard Support to raise this money and to support us means so much to us!
— Becca Walters, Chair, 387th Ordinance Co. Family Readiness Group

On behalf of the 972 MP Family Readiness Group I want to extend our deepest appreciation not only for the assistance that you are providing our organization, but for all that Guard Support does for the soldiers and their families.
— Gina Gillman, Chair, 972 MP Family Readiness Group

On behalf of the newly formed 181 Engineers BN Vertical Family Readiness Group, we would like to THANK YOU for the recent FGR start-up grant. We have just began talking about events that would benefit both guard and family members. These funds will help when it comes to planning these and future events. We are so thankful to know that there is a support system out there as we prepare for our loved ones to deploy.
— Brenda Meehan, Co-Chair, 181 Engineer BN Vertical Family Readiness Group

I want to thank Guard Support of Mass for assisting the 181 Engineer Company. Our unit is one big family and a very close group. With your support and assistance we are able to bring our Soldiers families together and into the 181 EN family. With a deployment coming up it is so important to form a support network for our Soldiers and their families. We are truly great full for your assistance as we could not do it without your help. Thank You!
— Captain Russell O'Neill, Commander, 181 Engineer Co. and Det 1/181 Engineer Co.

Thank you Guard Support for the generous grant that was awarded to the 1st Civil Support Team. As the FRG leader, I want to let you know how this grant will help the families of the Army and Air Force personnel who serve within the unit. We plan on using the grant funds for our annual family day event that will be held at Fourth Cliff Air Force recreation facility this July in Humarock, MA. This event brings together the Soldiers, Airmen, and families in a relaxed, fun setting during a summer weekend. In addition, the grant will help cover the cost of our children's activities at this year's holiday party. Your grant helps the 1st CST Soldiers and Airmen by lessening the burden of their families and providing fun activities for the children. I hope to take some photographs during our Family Day to show your group how your generous donations have been put to work. Thank you.
— Debbie Gallagher, Chair, 1st Civil Support Team Family Readiness Group

I would like to thank Guard Support of Massachusetts for their generous grant to the HHC 3-126th AVN Family Readiness Group. With loved ones deployed, this grant will help support group functions and kids' activities throughout the holidays as well as help with other projects to sustain the morale of family members of HHC. It brings a sense of ease to know that with the help of organizations such as yours, our families have the assistance they need in times of hardship. Again, thank you for your continuing support to the Soldiers and family members of HHC 3-126th AVN.
— Captain Geoffrey Leonard, Commander, HHC 3-126th Aviation

It's great that Guard Support is there for us and understands the needs of families that are struggling with this deployment. These funds can help us gather together for a number of activities we have planned, including our Christmas party. Thank you again for all your support!
— Lisa Chandler, Family Readiness Group leader, HHC 3/136th AVN

It is an honor to lead the soldiers of the 1/181st Infantry, and to experience the outstanding effort organizations such as Guard Support of Massachusetts put forward to support the soldiers and families in this challenging time. I truly appreciate the resources that Guard Support has made available for our Deployment Ceremony. As commander, support like this lessens my burden of trying to gather resources, and allows me to focus on the soldiers. Guard Support has supported us in the past and knowing the support continues is a great benefit for the families of the 181st.
— Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Couture, Commander, 1/181st Infantry

I would like to thank Guard Support for the grants to the Family Readiness Groups of the 379th Engineers Detachment 1 Company. In a time when budgets are constrained and tightening daily, it's refreshing to know that an organization understands the needs of the families struggling through the deployment of loved ones. The knowledge that our loved ones will be looked after in our absence is as crucial to a unit's morale as food and pay. This grant will help to enable our soldiers to focus on completing the tasks at hand and our ultimate objective to complete the mission and return home safely to our waiting families.
— Captain Christopher Furlong, Company Commander, 379th Engineers Detachment 1 Company

Thank you to Guard Support of Massachusetts for the Family Readiness Group grant awarded to the 164th Transportation Detachment. The value of a Family Readiness Group cannot be over-emphasized. Knowing that there is such a strong support system in place to care for the myriad of concerns that our family members have, allows my unit to concentrate fully on their mission. The FRG is as integral a part of our force as the soldiers themselves. We're blessed to have such support.
— First Lieutenant Stacey Williams-Beaton, Detachment Commander, 164th Transportation Battalion

Thank you Guard Support for the FRG grant awarded to A Co 1-181 IN. It is extremely important to build the morale of the unit, friends and families. During my last tour in Iraq, working in a multi service environment the mantra we heard repeatedly was "One Team, One Fight". The motto proved true then as well as now. Regardless of what service, country, race, religion, or sex; it takes everyone's effort to bring the fight to the enemy. Now as a Commander, I see that it is not only the boots on the ground that will ensure victory but also the support of families and friends of the 1-181. Thank You again for the FRG Grant and your continued support in our future endeavors.
— First Lieutenant Frank J Baranoski, Commander, A Co 1-181 IN

Thank you all. I can never say it enough this is a great organization and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. If there is anything I can do feel free to contact me. You all are doing something wonderful for us Guard soldiers. Thank You!
— Specialist Kenneth Mendoza, Mass. National Guard member, Westfield, MA

I want to say thank you for all that you and Guard Support does to help Mass. National Guard soldiers and their families. I hope that soon I can return to work and get my life back. I hate to be in this situation and having to depend on others to assist me. I'm very grateful to all of you and for the assistance that you are giving me.
— Anonymous, Mass. National Guard member, Leominster, MA

We would like to say a big Thank You to Guard Support for our recent grant! We are a new Family Readiness Group and thanks to Guard Support and these start-up funds, we will be able to focus on our families and getting established within our unit, which is getting ready for a September 2010 deployment. We are so grateful that such a fantastic organization is available as a resource to help us on our journey!
— Sidra Baranoski, Co-Chair, A Co. 1-181 INF Family Readiness Group

On behalf of the 104th Fighter Wing Family Readiness Group and the 104th Fighter Wing families we would like to express our sincere gratitude for the Guard Support grant. The grant funds will be used to help defray costs for our annual Children's Christmas Party for both deployed and non-deployed families. We are expecting over 225 children to attend and the smiles on the children's faces tell the whole story.
— Patricia Connors, Chair, 104th Fighter Wing Family Readiness Group

We are grateful and thankful to Guard Support of Massachusetts for their dedication and support of the soldiers we serve at CBWTU-MA. Guard Support's generous grant recognizes the overwhelming dedication of our warriors and gives us all renewed appreciation for the important work performed by the members of our Family Readiness Group.
— Major Mark A. O'Clair, Commander, CBWTU-MA

The CBWTU-MA is an active-duty Army unit that remotely manages the healthcare needs of over 250 wounded warriors in New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Unit members consist of National Guard, Army Reserve and Active Army soldiers who have been injured while mobilized for Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Since its inception in late 2003, the CBWTU-MA unit has helped over one thousand soldiers - returning 70% back to the fighting force.

Thanks to Guard Support of Massachusetts, the Family Readiness Group (FRG) grant will provide vital seed funding for the growth and success of the FRG, helping us to communicate and promote our goals and achievements. I think this is fantastic and great support for our soldiers.
— Captain Nicholas S. Mascata, Company Commander, Alpha Company 126th Brigade Support Battalion

On behalf of the Commander, Captain James Jones II, and the 747 MP CO, I wish to thank Guard Support of Massachusetts for your generous donations and dedication to serving our soldiers. Due to the Guard Support's significant contributions, all of our soldiers benefitted from free, comfortable, roundtrip transportation to and from Massachusetts in order to visit with their families and friends before deploying to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Guard Support's compassion reminds the troops of the love and undying support for their sacrifices. In conclusion, I thank you for enabling all of our troops to experience that last hug, kiss, crying shoulder, “I love you,” and smile before departing for their military service.
— 1LT Justin Prophet, MP, Platoon Leader, Unit Public Affairs Representative

Guard Support is amazing. We came to you in a time of potential crisis and you listened, understood and supported us more completely than I ever expected. You were patient and helped our Guard families and soldiers. I can't thank you enough.
— Stephanie Winslow, Chairperson, Family Readiness Group of the 747 Military Police Company

Thanks to Guard Support of Massachusetts for helping our soldiers get home to their loved ones at no cost before they deploy. It is caring citizens such as yourself that make our family support system that much stronger.
— LTC Steven Fernandez, Deputy Commander, 26th “Yankee” Brigade

I can’t thank Guard Support enough for their generous donation to the 747th Military Police Company. It’s organizations like yours that lessen the burden on soldiers and their families.
— CSM Bill Davidson, 26th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

Our Family Readiness Group (FRG) is group of family members of deploying soldiers. Up until we received the Guard Support FRG grant, we have been doing whatever we can on our own. The GSMA grant has made it possible for our Family Readiness Group to help to keep spirits up and give help where it is needed in ways of support, as well as sending newsletters to all of the families with information to help them. We are truly grateful to Guard Support for all of the help and support we have been given. Thank you.
— Sheila Layton, Treasurer, Family Readiness Group of the 101 Engineers HSC, Whitinsville, MA

I would like to express my gratitude to Guard Support for the grant to cover the expenses I incurred while visiting my husband at West Point while he was recovering from an injury. Just when I think I can’t feel any more proud of being a soldier’s wife, I am reminded time and again by organizations, such as yours. Words can not express my appreciation. Our citizen-soldiers are lucky to be able to depend on Guard Support in times of need. Thank you again for all your help.
— Alisa Harvie, Wife of SGT Kevin P. Harvie

You all continue to be one of our greatest partners and supporters. SSG Downing and his wife were applauded and honored by all at the Freedom Salute in a major way. The clapping and cheering went on for several minutes and it was an exceptional time - all made possible by Guard Support. We can't thank you enough. You all are truly friends and fellow Warriors indeed.”
— MAJ David Hencke, Joint Force HQs - MA/J1 Chief, Deployment Cycle Support Opn Total Warrior (MA Yellow Ribbon)

In just a short time working with Guard Support I am already on my way to making my dreams and ideas a reality. Guard Support has been great to work with. They have listened to my ideas and shown that they will work hard with me and for me to make them happen. I am quite pleased with the help I am receiving. Guard Support has greatly improved my confidence in being successful.”
— SSG Heath Hobson

I just wanted to thank you for all your help. It makes my family and I sleep better at night knowing there are wonderful and caring people out there like you.”
— Anonymous, Massachusetts Army National Guardsman

On behalf of the 104th Fighter Wing Family Readiness Group and the 104th families we would like to express our sincere gratitude. The money was used to help defray costs for our annual children’s Christmas party. The smiles on the children’s faces told the whole story.”
— Patricia Connors, Chair, 104th Family Readiness Group

Guard Support was one of the institutions selected to receive proceeds from Larry Izzo's ’Karaoke with Larry Izzo and the New England Patriots - A benefit for our Troops and their families’. My teammates will be there to perform their best Karaoke with corporate sponsors, mingle with the fans and enjoy a great night. This will be a night for all to remember and the proceeds will go to the heroes who unselfishly served in Iraq and Afghanistan and to the families of those deceased Troops. Thank you”
— Larry Izzo

Son of a returning Air National Guardsman
Son of a returning Air National Guardsman from the 3/126th Aviation Battalion welcomes his father home from a one year overseas deployment.

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