Guard Support Receives Contribution from Ascent Venture Partners

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July 01, 2009
Guard Support of Massachusetts announced that it received a contribution from Ascent Venture Partners at Ascentís annual investor meeting on June 30, 2009.

Ascent's contribution is intended to sustain Guard Support's activities in support of the men and women of the Massachusetts National Guard and, in particular, the Entrepreneurs' Funding Program (EFP), a newly launched effort to provide funds for members of the Massachusettts National Guard seeking to launch companies or expand their existing businesses.

"We're gratified that Ascent Venture Partners( a firm with a great track record of smart investing, sees the value of making a contribution to Guard Support and our Entrepreneurs' Funding Program,” said Nate Dalton, Founder and Chairman of Guard Support. “Ascent's position as a premier investor in entrepreneurial companies makes its support especially meaningful, since its contribution will help us to expand the ways in which we support the men and women of the Massachusetts National Guard during these challenging times."

Photo: Ascent Venture Partners' Staff with Sherry Handel, Executive Director, Guard Support of Mass.

Photo courtesy of Guard Support of Massachusetts

Ascent Venture Partners issued this statement, “In light of the current economic environment and the tremendous contributions and sacrifices made by the members and families of the Massachusetts National Guard, the partners at Ascent Venture Partners decided to make a meaningful contribution in support of the efforts of Guard Support of Massachusetts.”

Front row from left to right: Lauren Cuozzo, Office Manager; Thomas Scanlon, VP Finance; Christopher Dick, General Partner; Brian Girvan, General Partner; Geoffrey Oblak, General Partner; Sherry Handel, Executive Director, Guard Support of Massachusetts. Back row from left to right:  Erica Kaswell, Senior Office Manager; Christopher Lynch, General Partner; Luke Burns, Principal; Matt Fates, Partner.

About Guard Support of Massachusetts (

Guard Support of Massachusetts was founded in July of 2007 to help the families of the men and women serving in the Massachusetts National Guard.  Since September 11, 2001 the Massachusetts National Guard has deployed over 6,000 soldiers and airmen in support of the global war on terror.  Families frequently need emergency financial assistance after one spouse deploys overseas, and Guard Support was originally founded to help meet this need.

To date, approximately 60% of Guard Support grants have been for direct emergency assistance to the families of the men and women of the Massachusetts National Guard.  Examples include rent payments, electric bills, car payments, gas and heating bills.  The remainder of GSMA grants awarded support unit Family Readiness Group meetings, programs and family events, including send-off ceremonies and homecoming events; as well as links between the men and women of the Guard and their families, examples include, subsidized transportation on leave, subsidized internet links and internet phone links for units in Iraq. 

In 2009, Guard Support is in the process of expanding the services offered to meet the needs of the returning troops by adding entrepreneurship training and support (especially in the current economic environment of unemployment, and underemployment), job training, and other education programs.

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