Guard Support arrives in Iraq

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September 25, 2007
Lt. Michael Finer, one of our board members and a key inspiration for Guard Support, reports in from Iraq.

The origins of Guard Support can be traced to a conversation between Michael Finer and his neighbor, Nate Dalton over a neighborhood barbecue. Michael's description of the challenges facing families of the National Guard inspired Nate to form Guard Support, with Michael playing a key role on the board.

Serving as a Lieutenant Colonel and Battalion Commander with the 1-181 Infantry Battalion, Michael arrived in Iraq sometime recently. He still participates in board meetings by calling in from his station and often reports how, as a commander, he is keenly aware of the ways that the condition of families left back home strongly affects unit morale.

Needless to say, we are honored to be associated with men like him. And his involvement in the leadership of Guard Support both informs our approach and reminds us of the urgency of our mission.

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