Initial fundraising campaign kicks off with great momentum

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April 08, 2008
As of April 8th, Guard Support received a total of $213,000 in contributions.

At the end of January, a mere four weeks into the campaign, Guard Support had raised over $110,000 in contributions with another $150,000 declared as matching funds for future donations.

The contributions have come in from a wide variety of sources, demonstrating the broad based desire to rally around the Guard Support cause.   "The response has been so encouraging," said founder Nate Dalton, "and is a tangible way to show the families and troops that their service is truly appreciated."

SixSeeds, a national partnership of families committed to the vision of family based service and giving, has announced a matching grant of $150,000.  Guard Support was originally launched in close connection with SixSeeds.

If you would like to participate in the matching grant, you can donate directly to Guard Support via mail, and then email SixSeeds at notifying them of your donation.  The matching offer is good until the end of the quarter 2008.  Read a letter from the founders of SixSeeds, John and Jean Kingston, about their committment to Guard Suport.

Guard Support has set a target of $500,000 for this campaign.  The Guard Support board believes that hitting that goal would put the organization on a very solid foundation to fund full time staff and expand the programs.  "With extended deployments," said Nate, "the needs are just mounting and we've got to step up our efforts quickly."

Read more from Nate's most recent invitation to potential donors.

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